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About Avionox

How we got started:
Everyone knows it's great to fly! Packing your suitcase, the childish excitement before take-off, hours of enjoying the view above the clouds, the wonderful tingling in your stomach as you land and most of all exploring new cities, countries and continents.

However, many don’t deal with the effects of flying on the skin yet, although surely everyone has already noticed the suddenly extremely oily or dried out skin when flying. As beautiful as the feeling of flying may be, your skin has to stay for hours in a dry, cramped, airless airplane.
Don’t forget the skin is the largest and most exposed human organ. The fact that the skin is nourished and feels good is the prerequisite for us to feel good. Therefore we have decided that it is time to do something about this negative aspect of travelling and to beautify every single flight that way.

Rise to the challenge:
Already years ago during our first intensive research into why the skin is so strained and stressed when flying, we noticed that the skin has to endure so much more than just hours of the same stuffy, dry and recycled air. To put it in a nutshell: The extremely dry air removes moisture from the skin for hours, due to the low air pressure the adequate blood circulation and thus also nutrient supply of the skin is disturbed, the high bacteria and germ load in the aircraft attacks the already unstable skin flora at the same time and dangerously increased UV radiation damages the unprotected skin. In the case of air crew members or frequent flyers in general, this extreme exposure can have serious long-term consequences for the skin, including skin cancer.

When we realized how incredibly important it is as a pilot, stewardess, traveler or frequent flyer to protect and care for your skin, we spared no effort or resources to find a solution. So, several years of development in highly professional laboratories, countless flights for testing (you can't imagine how many miles we collected) and many official tests and certificates resulted in the Avionox products that we are so proud of today.

All products are produced with high-quality ingredients according to German standards. We also have strictly abstained from animal testing during development.