Why do pilots & flight attendants often lightly stressed skin after flying?

You are a pilot or flight attendant, then you know the problem too well. The skin feels lightly stressed after long flight days.
But where does that come from and what can you do about it?

Flying is a Turbulent Experience for Your Skin:

The Low Humidity

The dry air removes moisture from the skin. The humidity in the cabin is between 5% - 15% while on the floor 40% - 60% prevail.

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The Low Air Pressure

Low air pressure removes the skin, especially in the deeper layers of skin, massively the moisture and damage the skin flora.

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The Bacteria

Bacteria in the plane cabin are constantly in contact with your skin and lead to blemished skin.

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The UVA Radiation

UVA rays comes unfiltered in the aircraft cabin and can disturb the genetic makeup of skin cells and the damaged cells can become cancerous. The rays also cause the skin to age faster.

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What can you do about it?
Unlike simple, conventional standard moisturizers we developed the cosmetics care line specially for pilots & flight attendants that suits their needs.

AVIONOX is the world's first cosmetics care line for pilots, flight attendants and frequent flyers that was specially developed to counteract the problems that air travel causes for skin. The highly efficient active complexes counteract all the damaging factors on board an airplane.

The Highly Efficient Active Complexes from AVIONOX

Procell Flight Complex

It stabilizes the skin flora and specifically provides the lower, dehydrated layers of skin with a concentrated combination of active ingredients specially developed by AVIONOX.

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Cabin Pressure Rehydrator

This active complex developed by AVIONOX counteracts the extremely low air pressure and continuously provides skin with the moisture it needs.

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UVA Skin Protection

The highly developed AVIONOX UVA filters offer effective protection from UVA rays. This considerably reduces the risk of skin cancer and prevents radiation-related skin aging.

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Natural Antiseptic Formula

This active complex developed by AVIONOX protects your skin from bacteria in the aircraft cabin.

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Aging Defender

With an extremely effective, high-dose antiaging complex specifically developed to counteract skin aging – especially on your face – due to damaging factors on board the plane.

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The cosmetics care line from AVIONOX specially for pilots & flight attendants

To counteract the problems that air travel causes for skin.

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