Flying is beautiful, but it has really devastating effects on your skin. Simply because the combination of dry air, low air pressure, high UVA radiation and bacteria, as well as germ exposure stresses your skin all flight long, every flight.

To help pilots, flight attendants and frequent flyers around the world to care and protect their skin before, during and after every flight we created Avionox.

A multi-functional, fast-absorbing serum specifically developed to counteract serious skin problems caused by flying.

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What your skin must go through


Stressed, dehydrated or oily skin? These are serious side effects of flying simply because the inside of an airplane cabin is drier than the Sahara Desert - and that’s not even a metaphor.

· Humidity is usually below 20%, which is less than half of the 50 to 70 percent our skin feels comfortable with. This causes stressed, dehydrated or even oily skin due to overcompensation. 

· Even if a normal moisturizer is used, the moisture is quickly extracted again by the extremely dry air.

So for hours the dry, fade and recirculated air removes moisture even from the deeper skin layers which wreaks havoc on your skin.


At 40000 Feet the air pressure is roughly 1/5 of what we would consider as normal. Despite all efforts the artificially created cabin pressure is still about 1/4 lower than we're used to.

· Low air pressure disturbs the blood circulation of the skin and therefore promotes a poor nutrient supply.

· This results in a dull appearance and poor regeneration of the skin.

The combination of dehydrated and undernourished skin provides the basis for clogged pores and out-of-nowhere breakouts.


You wouldn't lay on the beach all day without sun protection, right? Please pay attention that you are also more sensitive to dangerous UV damage when flying because you are closer to the sun, where ultraviolet radiation is much stronger.

· Due to the constant UV exposure, the risk of skin cancer increases extremely.

· UVA is largely responsible for the destruction of skin cells causing early wrinkling and faster skin aging.

These things can cause some serious problems. The skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the body, so take good care of it.


As an Air Crew member you know for sure that an aircraft is only properly cleaned and disinfected every 30-45 days. So you can imagine how many bacteria and germs accumulate at approximately 150 to 350 passengers per flight.

· The already heavily stressed skin becomes even more susceptible to irritations and small inflammations which additionally supports a bloated skin and poor skin texture.

· The skin flora is disturbed by the bacterial load which leads to a strong slowing of the skin regeneration after a flight.

In order to avoid negative effects on the skin, it is important to disinfect and at the same time support the regeneration of the skin flora and the natural skin barrier.

Always be protected!


See what other pilots and flight attendants have to say about their experiences with Avionox. Or just tell us about yours! 


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